Case Study: Industrial Robot for Education

HORST meets Hochschule Offenburg

Digital Robot HORST1000 von fruitcore robotics.

Easy-to-use digital robots train industrial engineers. What universities need to know about robots.

In this Case Study, you will learn how students are introduced to practical automation applications at an early stage thanks to an innovative generation of industrial robots.

This case study offers you the following contents:

  • Brief introduction: The Offenburg University of Applied Sciences
  • The challenge: What challenges did the university face and how were they overcome?
  • The solution: How does Offenburg University of Applied Sciences use the industrial robot HORST?
  • Benefits: What advantages does the industrial robot HORST have for the university?

8 pages

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The Digital Robot HORST in use by students at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.

Insights into the basics, programming, technology and drives of robots.

The Offenburg University of Applied Sciences has set itself the goal of keeping Germany fit for the future as a business location, and especially the small and medium-sized enterprises that are so important to Baden-Württemberg.

"For us, HORST offers two unbeatable advantages: firstly, the really simple and intuitive horstFX user interface, and secondly, the clearly structured kinematics themselves convinced us."

Alexander Gehringer, Academic Assistant in the Laboratory Work-Life Robotics

As a university of applied sciences, the institution has made it its mission to train its students in future technologies. The practical training, especially in automation technology and robotics, is very popular with small and medium-sized companies. That is why the Work-Life Robotics lab is home to a very special employee: the digital robot HORST.