horstOS: Revolution of Automation powered by AI

Welcome to the future of industrial automation. We present horstOS, the unique operating system powered by Artificial Intelligence. Be there when industrial robots are programmed and used more comfortably than ever with an AI Copilot.

Look forward to your new AI Copilot

Our revolutionary horstOS is more than just an operating system for industrial robots. It includes your personal copilot to radically simplify automation with Digital Robots once again. Get through the complex world of industrial robotics more comfortably than ever.

Seamless integration

Forget the hassle of keeping track of multiple devices, interfaces and software in parallel! With horstOS you have a single point of control: You set up the entire application via a single interface! Any errors can be detected and corrected more easily than ever and you increase the reliability and availability of your process. Add new components, devices or digital interfaces easily via the horstOS interface - done!

No-code programming

Forget about complex programming of your software: horstOS speaks your language. Just tell the new operating system a command in human words. A few moments later, your new AI Copilot will create the program, either the entire program or targeted, matching modules. And you are ready to start your application!

Live & AI Support: The AHA Effect

Your AI Copilot accompanies you live and without you having to interrupt your processes. Just ask him for support parallel to your work: How do you proceed with the program creation? How do you integrate hardware and software correctly? This and much, much more becomes possible. Experience the AHA effect: Ask HORST Anything!

Specially trained artificial intelligence

horstOS uses a sophisticated Large Language Model based on GPT4, which is trained by our robotics specialists. Thus, you as a user receive the optimal support by the accompaniment of the AI Copilot.

Individual interfaces

With horstOS, every user sees what they need, depending on their level of experience in automation or tasks in the company. For example, customize the setting options or hide rarely used functions for a better overview. Familiarization times can be significantly reduced and robot operation becomes much easier!

Be part of the automation of the future

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Don't miss anything in the development of our novel operating system horstOS supported by artificial intelligence. Experience unprecedented ease of programming your industrial robot. Get to know automation in its most convenient way!

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