Rent intelligent Digital Robots with our flexible service, available at a reasonable price

You can also rent our intelligent industrial robots with our Robot as a Service option. Take advantage of this practical, risk-free way to get started with automation.

Stay flexible and cost-efficient when setting off on your journey into automation

See for yourself just how user-friendly HORST is with our transparent RaaS model. Hire our innovative Digital Robots with no strings attached and boost your company's productivity and efficiency.

Why rent HORST?

Flexible usage

Test out our Digital Robots in your own production environment before you buy.


Rent one of our HORST robots from just 995 Euros per month (plus VAT/packaging/shipping). The rental payments you’ve already made will be taken off the purchase price.


Stay on top of the latest robot technology and change your model when you need.

Take the first step towards your future. Get in touch with us now.

What we propose: rent our Digital Robots for one month or more without braking the bank. And you have the option to buy your rental HORST at any time. The rental payments you've already made will be taken off the price! 

Simply fill out the form an we will be in touch with you shortly. We are convinced that our RaaS option can benefit you and we look forward to helping you on your way to the future of automation.

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