Automated pick and place with digital robots

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Access standardized interfaces for seamless integration into your processes.

horst robot with a white gripper taking products of a conveyor in an industrial area

Overcome your pick-and-place challenges with HORST - the intelligent industrial robot  

Do you want to adapt your production more flexibly to frequently changing product types, environments and speeds? Do you want to be able to handle different components precisely and quickly? Then digital robots are the right choice for you!

Pick-and-place applications

Our validated automation solutions can help you with these and many other pick-and-place tasks:

Part Separation

During separation, products or components are automatically sorted from a bulk material and precisely positioned for the next production step. Rely on our suitable Solution Kit as a complete solution including bulk material separator, vibration hopper, camera and mobile robot platform.

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Machine Tending

Machine loading involves the automatic feeding of materials or workpieces into production machines or systems in order to optimize the production flow. Are you interested in a complete system for marking components with lasers? Then use our solution kit for machine loading and unloading for laser marking systems.

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Quality inspection

Workpiece inspection includes the automatic inspection and testing of workpieces for quality, dimensional accuracy and completeness to ensure product quality.

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Why HORST: Our intelligent industrial robots for your best results

Setzen Sie mit uns auf ein effizientes und zukunftsweisendes Erlebnis der Automatisierung.

Newest technology at all levels

Our self-developed digital robots have innovative, patented robot gears. This gives you the best return on investment on the market: your new HORST can pay for itself in just three months.

Comprehensive networking and communication of the systems

Thanks to extensive digital services, the use of IIoT, a SIM card integrated in the robot system and access to all common industrial interfaces, you have full connectivity to existing systems and processes.

Using AI

In the development of our products and software, we rely on the entire spectrum of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this way, we not only improve the results of your applications, but also continue to simplify the setup of automation. In close cooperation with you, we are constantly working to exploit the benefits of these new technologies for your purposes.

Pick & Place applications in real live 

One of the most important pick-and-place applications for industrial robots is feeding machines. Here, a laser marking machine from the manufacturer FOBA is loaded with bottle openers.
Gerdes GmbH uses the HORST industrial robot for the automated insertion of striking plates. HORST removes and positions the strike plates before they are screwed into place
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Your direct contact for questions about pick-and-place

Do you have further questions about automation solutions in the pick-and-place sector? Or do you already have a specific application in mind that you would like to automate and optimize with us, for example for machine loading or separation? Do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to discussing your individual requirements and finding the best solution for you!