Intelligent industrial robots for perfect dispensing and adhesion processes 

Experience the precision and flexibility of our Digital Robots in your dispensing and adhesive applications. Benefit from the high adaptability to non-uniform geometries and the easy programming of complex paths. Further improve your results with versatile tools and integrated part verification.

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Overcome your adhesion and dispensing challenges

Thanks to the high freedom of movement in three-dimensional space, our intelligent digital robots and automation solutions provide you with the best results when it comes to precisely dispensing and applying adhesives or other substances.

Why HORST? Our intelligent industrial robots for your best results.

Join us for an efficient and future-oriented automation experience.

Latest technologies on all levels

Our in-house developed Digital Robots feature innovative, patented robot gear units. This enables us to provide you with the best return on investment on the market: after just three months, your new HORST can be amortized.

Full connectivity and communication between systems

Thanks to comprehensive digital services, the use of IIoT, SIM card built-in to the robot system and access to all common industrial interfaces, you have full connectivity to existing systems and processes.

Use of artificial intelligence

In the development of our products and software, we rely on the full range of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This way, we not only improve the results of your applications, but also simplify the setup of automation continuously. In close exchange with you, we are constantly working to exploit the benefits of these new technologies for your purposes.

What our satisfied customers say about Digital Robot HORST

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We use the test cell for technological feasibility analyses and innovations in product development and are thrilled. The Solution Kit can be put into operation, programmed and operated quickly and easily without any special prior knowledge.

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Robert Meißner
Senior Expert Manufacturing Technologies, Research & Development at fischer group
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With HORST, we are very well positioned in our test lab. The compact footprint is very convenient and the usability of the robot is a great advantage, especially for the complex test setups.

Frank Reinauer icon
Frank Reinauer
Senior Director Division Implants at Karl Leibinger Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG
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We are more than satisfied with HORST as well as with the service and support from fruitcore robotics. The team is extremely competent, friendly and very helpful. The optimal solution for us!

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Marius Effinger
Project Coordinator at ROTH&EFFINGER GmbH
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The high quality demands placed on our products require first-class quality assurance. By using the HORST industrial robot, we have not only created the best testing conditions, but also significantly increased product quality. The robot has relieved our employees of monotonous tasks as well as led to an increase in productivity and a high level of satisfaction among our customers.

Lorenz Geyer icon
Lorenz Geyer
Managing Director Eugen Geyer GmbH
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With HORST, we have achieved a very large increase in efficiency. We now produce twice as many parts and have thus been able to significantly increase our sales. The robot had already paid for itself after the first series.

Fabian Pfister icon
Fabian Pfister
Co-Founder and Managing Director at Manufacturing Solutions GmbH
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HORST takes over typical pick & place tasks for us during a hydraulic test and enables a fully automated testing process. As a result, we achieve a significantly higher output and increase our productivity. We were also convinced by the easy operation of the industrial robot, the good price and the comprehensive support from fruitcore.

Thomas Sehling icon
Thomas Sehling
Operational Excellence Manager at WEBER-HYDRAULIK GmbH
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The implementation of this automation task worked quickly. Just like the cooperation with fruitcore robotics has always worked great.

Stefan Schirling icon
Stefan Schirling
Junior Owner at Schirling Frästechnik GmbH
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The automation of laser marking with HORST enables us to mark many thousands of perforated lids per year with a unique code. The automation helps us to increase quality while staying flexible for different customer needs.The system is exactly what we needed.

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Beat Glauser

HORST Lösungen

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Implementing automated dispensing is quick and easy

Fast and accurate dispensing processes are important to you, but you still don't want to be without simple automation? See here how our intelligent industrial robot interacts with the appropriate dispensing system via digital inputs and outputs. The user-friendly programming and display of the entire application environment ensures that you can quickly commission the application.

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