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You want maximum efficiency in planning as well as the shortest installation and changeover times? Our preconfigured Solution Kits and ready-made Turnkey Solutions offer you all this and are also extremely flexible!


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With the innovative solutions around the intelligent industrial robot HORST, you get everything you needed for quick integration into your workflows and processes. Nothing more stands in the way of your automation project!

Solution Kits

By using function modules and ready-to-plug-in controls, our pre-configured automation modules impress with the fastest installation and changeover. Project efficiently with Solution Kits, as we rely on defined interfaces in all areas. Solution Kits are also independently and seamlessly defined, which ensures you the highest modularity.

Turnkey Solutions

Rely on our complete standard solutions that follow the plug-and-produce approach. Turnkey Solutions with the intelligent Digital Robot HORST at their core allow you to adapt them to your specific requirements, for example for laser marking. You can flexibly integrate these solutions into your systems and effortlessly expand them for future needs.

Solution Kit Part Separation

Diese Komplettlösung ermöglicht die flexible Vereinzelung von Schüttgut mittels einem intelligenten Industrieroboter, Kameraerkennung und einem Bauteilvereinzeler.

Solution Kit Pick and Place

Unsere CE-konforme Komplettlösung für Pick-and-Place-Anwendungen ist einfach zu implementieren und anzupassen. Dieses Solution Kit ist perfekt für eine unkomplizierte Automatisierung Ihrer Prozesse im Teilehandling.

Turnkey Solution Laser Marking

Unsere Turnkey Solution Laser Marking ist eine maßgeschneiderte All-in-One-Lösung für die flexible und effiziente Rundum-Beschriftung von Werkstücken mit Hochleistungslasern. Sie erhalten eine komplett vorbereitete Automatisierungslösung für Ihre spezifischen Anforderungen.

Solve your challenges with intelligent automation solutions

We offer you a versatile range of automation modules and ready-made standard solutions, which are prepared by us according to your needs for quick commissioning in your company.


Solution Kit Machine Tending

Your advantages

  • Safe operation according to ISO 10218-2 due to completed risk assessment and CE certification
  • Highest flexibility due to short setup and changeover times to new parts even without programming knowledge
  • Lowest project costs and time with predefined programs and electronic interfaces for machine tools
  • Highest efficiency through mobile robot platform with repeatable fixtures
  • High reliability & cost transparency through free feasibility study on real system
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Solution Kit Part Separation

Your Advantages

  • Pre-assembled and pre-configured in mechanics, electrics and software
  • Safe operation according to ISO 10218-2 including risk assessment and attached CE marking
  • Easy integration without expert know-how due to modifiable robot cell
  • Fast setup of new parts in just a few minutes thanks to graphic mapping of the complete process sequence in preconfigured software
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Solution Kit Pick and Place

Your advantages

  • Simple handling due to perfectly coordinated module of robot, platform, safety technology and gripping system from a single source
  • Lowest project costs
  • High flexibility and adaptability for individual applications and changing tasks
  • Fast start-up due to pre-assembled unit consisting of robot, gripper and cabling of the solenoid interlock and operator console
  • Safe operation according to ISO 10218-2 due to enclosed risk assessment and CE marking
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Turnkey Solution 

Your advantages

  • Complete implementation of the turnkey solution by our certified partner - just switch on and get started
  • Long autonomy time due to two-drawer system, for example for all-round laser marking of parts
  • Space-saving and quiet due to integration of the industrial robot into the cell
  • User-friendly operation with horstFX software and easy switch between graphical and textual programming
  • Independence from external PLC due to innovative control concept 
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What our satisfied customers say about Digital Robot HORST

company logo

We use the test cell for technological feasibility analyses and innovations in product development and are thrilled. The Solution Kit can be put into operation, programmed and operated quickly and easily without any special prior knowledge.

Robert Meißner icon
Robert Meißner
Senior Expert Manufacturing Technologies, Research & Development at fischer group
company logo

With HORST, we are very well positioned in our test lab. The compact footprint is very convenient and the usability of the robot is a great advantage, especially for the complex test setups.

Frank Reinauer icon
Frank Reinauer
Senior Director Division Implants at Karl Leibinger Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG
company logo

We are more than satisfied with HORST as well as with the service and support from fruitcore robotics. The team is extremely competent, friendly and very helpful. The optimal solution for us!

Marius Effinger icon
Marius Effinger
Project Coordinator at ROTH&EFFINGER GmbH
company logo

With HORST, we have achieved a very large increase in efficiency. We now produce twice as many parts and have thus been able to significantly increase our sales. The robot had already paid for itself after the first series.

Fabian Pfister icon
Fabian Pfister
Co-Founder and Managing Director at Manufacturing Solutions GmbH
company logo

HORST takes over typical pick & place tasks for us during a hydraulic test and enables a fully automated testing process. As a result, we achieve a significantly higher output and increase our productivity. We were also convinced by the easy operation of the industrial robot, the good price and the comprehensive support from fruitcore.

Thomas Sehling icon
Thomas Sehling
Operational Excellence Manager at WEBER-HYDRAULIK GmbH
company logo

The implementation of this automation task worked quickly. Just like the cooperation with fruitcore robotics has always worked great.

Stefan Schirling icon
Stefan Schirling
Junior Owner at Schirling Frästechnik GmbH

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