Information on privacy for customers and contracting parties


What is this information on privacy about?

Our company sells industrial robots in the B2B sector. As such, it is inevitable that our contact partners process personal data to this end. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has laid down some requirements on the matter. As early as when your data are collected, according to Art. 13 of the GDPR for example, you have the right to be informed regarding certain aspects. This is why we are providing you with this information on privacy.

Who is the data controller?

fruitcore robotics GmbH is responsible for the data processing that takes place and therefore assumes the role of data controller. You can find information on how to contact us by mail, phone or email in the imprint of our website.

We have appointed a data protection officer, whose contact details can be found here.

What happens when you contact us by email, phone or fax?

If you contact us by email, telephone or fax, we will store and process your enquiry, including all the personal data therein (name, request) for the purposes of addressing the issue at hand. We do not forward or share these data without your consent.

These data are processed based on Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter b of the GDPR if your enquiry is related to the execution of a contract or is necessary for the implementation of pre-contractual measures.

In all other instances, processing is based on your consent (Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter a of the GDPR) and/or on our legitimate interests (Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the GDPR), as we have a legitimate interest in effectively processing any enquiries we have been sent.

The data you share with us when making an enquiry will remain with us until you ask us to delete it, withdraw your consent to having it stored or the purpose for storing the data no longer exists (e.g. after we have finished handling your issue). Mandatory legal provisions - with particular regard to legal retention periods - remain unaffected.

What data are processed in the context of the contractual relationship?

Your personal data are processed for the purposes of establishing and implementing a contractual relationship with you or your employer. This includes, in particular, communicating with our employees.

Processing your data in this way is permitted based on Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter b of the GDPR (contract) and Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the GDPR (legitimate interest). In order for us to provide our services, it is necessary for us to coordinate with various people. This includes, in particular, our employees and contractual partners, whose data we use to transmit documents or for telephone consultations. We need you to provide your personal data for us to do our work. Otherwise, we will not be able to provide our services in accordance with the contract.

What data are processed in the context of events?

We regularly hold both free and paid events which you can sign up to. Your personal data is used in this context to plan, run and invite you to these events, and for billing purposes.

Processing your data in this way is permitted based on Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter b of the GDPR (contract) and Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the GDPR (legitimate interest). You will need to provide us with your personal data to participate in our events, otherwise participation is not possible.

Will my data be used for advertising purposes?

If permitted by law, we will send you offers or event invitations, as well as informative material, usually by email.

Processing your data for advertising purposes is permitted based on Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the GDPR (legitimate interest). We rely on the fact that we actively offer our services. We assume that there is a fundamental interest in this. The provision of personal data for advertising purposes is, of course, voluntary.

Will my data be forwarded?

Your personal data are viewed by various employees within our company. This includes the relevant sales staff and internal contacts with whom you are in direct contact, our internal sales team and our accounting team. However, it may also be the case that you enter into business interactions with other employees at fruitcore, as we foster many different contractual relationships. If we use your personal data for advertising purposes, our marketing team will also have access thereto.

ther potential recipients include postal service providers, IT service providers, tax consultants, law firms and banks. Your specific contractual relationship and the subject matter of your contract determine who your personal data are passed on to.

If you participate in an event, other participants may become aware of your personal data (e.g. if you wear a name badge or if there is a list of participants for signing in).

How long are data stored for?

Your data are initially stored when you contact us, e.g. by email or telephone, or when you exchange emails or written documents. We delete your personal data when the contractual relationship has come to an end, all mutual claims have been fulfilled and there are no legal obligations to retain the data or legal bases for storage.

Other potential recipients are postal service providers, IT service providers, tax consultants, law firms or banks. Who your personal data is passed on to depends on the specific contractual relationship and subject matter of the contract.

If you participate in an event, your personal data may be noted by other participants (e.g. if you wear a name badge or a list of participants is available for you to sign).

What are your rights?

You may contact us to assert the following rights at any time:

  • Right of access (Art. 15 of the GDPR): upon request, we will inform you about the data we have stored regarding your person and what we do with these data.
  • Right to rectification (Art. 16 of the GDPR): if we have stored incorrect information about you, you can request that this be modified.
  • Right to deletion (Art. 17 of the GDPR): if there is no reason for your personal data to continue to be stored, we will delete it.
  • Right to restriction of processing (Art. 18 of the GDPR): if there is something specific you no longer wish to accept, you can request that processing be restricted.
  • Right to data portability (Art. 20 of the GDPR): you may, in certain cases, request that your data records be transferred to you.

We have given consideration as to whether we may process your personal data. This concerns, in particular, all processing operations carried out on the basis of Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter f of the GDPR. If you object to processing for advertising purposes, you will no longer receive any advertising.

You may exercise your rights at any time, but this does not mean that such requests will be fulfilled. For example, you cannot ask for your data to be deleted and to use our services at the same time.

You have the right to appeal to a data protection supervisory authority at any time. An overview can be found on the website of the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.