Integrate the latest technologies into your products

The open Digital Robot Platform developed by fruitcore robotics makes it easy to design coherent automation modules and machines.

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Increase your market competitiveness:

Together with you as a machine manufacturer, peripheral manufacturer or solution provider, we can create a product automated with intelligent robots. We complement your know-how to create a future-proof product that increases your competitive advantage.

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How you benefit from our OEM solutions

Our platform concept makes it possible to integrate our technologies into your products, systems or facilities. You can also use our platform to implement and integrate your products. Depending on how you are set up, you can operate in one of two ways and make the best use of our technologies.


Joint development of the solution

Our goal is to develop the ideal solution for the end customer together with you. You set the pace and can draw on our expertise.

Developing an attractive product

The overarching control architecture enables seamless interaction between all product and process participants. The entire application can be operated via a central panel, which greatly reduces complexity for the user.

Control also available as an OEM controller for integration into your product

You want to integrate our control system into your product? Then we can supply you with an OEM version that can be easily and precisely integrated into your control system or control cabinet.

Your options based on the Digital Robot Platform

Full control with Control

The use of common industry interfaces makes networking with devices and networks quick and easy. It is vital to ensure that the data you need gets to exactly where it needs to go to ensure efficient workflows. Our solutions guarantee smooth and speedy data transfer to ensure that your data can be transferred efficiently and quickly.


Digital inputs & outputs

20 inputs, +8 configurable 18 outputs, +8 configurable, +4 relay contacts


TCP/IP 100-Mbit/s Ethernet (sockets), primary interface (XML-RPC)

Field buses

Modbus/TCP, Profinet

External robot control

It is possible to control the robot completely externally via the XML-RPC protocol (TCP interface)

Safety-relevant interfaces (2 channels each)

Emergency stop [input and output] Safety stop [input and output] in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10218-1; PL d + 4 configurable safe inputs (can also be configured as 8 digital inputs) + 6 configurable safe outputs (including 2 potential-free contacts)

Other supported frameworks and standards



Options for controlling the overall application


With central control of the application via horstOS

  • Customize the displayed components of the application for direct access to the machine, component and controller
  • Setup of the machine or component via the familiar interface - integrated in horstOS
  • Individualization of the program interface for the execution program

Central control of the application via your machine

  • Programming of the robot via your machine/controller 
  • The entire application, including the robot, can be started via the machine panel or operated completely depending on the level of integration
  • Robot panel is not required during operation

Get in touch with our system architect

Do you have any questions? Or would you like to discuss an interesting potential solution with us? We would be happy to look together at the possibilities for jointly designing a solution.