Kit services for our modular automation system

Efficient project implementation

We support you in analyzing the feasibility of our ready-to-use robot accessories and finished automation solutions and assist you with assembly, setup and much more.


More than just standard: an overview of our kit services

Feasibility analysis

Our experts will analyze how the Digital Robot HORST can become a solution for your automation plans.

  • We clarify the general feasibility with regard to payload, process reliability and quality.
  • We check application-specific parameters such as cycle and autonomy time.
  • With our Part Separation Solution Kit, we validate whether the components can be fed, reliably separated, recognized and gripped.
fruitcore robotics Industrieroboterarm HORST mit Greifer Kit

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Technische Beratung durch qualifizierte Roboter Experten 120 EUR/ Stunde

2h/ Jahr

4h/ Jahr


Kit Service Pick and Place

Assembly and cabling

  • Installation of industrial robot HORST and gripper system in the safe robot cell or base
  • Wiring of all components
  • Wiring of the operating console and the interlock of the respective platform with our control cabinet Control
  • Safe delivery as a CE-compliant automation module

Kit Service Part Separation

Setup and configuration

  • Configuration of the bunker, part separator and camera 
  • Pre-commissioning and creation of a program for the separation of a part specified by you
  • Setup for gripping and moving a part

Assembly and cabling

  • Installation of the industrial robot HORST, the gripper kit and the equipment for separation in the safe robot cell or base 
  • Installation of the associated control units and power supply units and wiring of all components
  • Wiring of the operating console and interlocking of the respective platform with our Control cabinet
  • Safe delivery as a CE-compliant automation module

Kit Service Machine Tending

Assembly and cabling

  • Early support from qualified experts to find the best solution for your application
  • Installation of HORST on our mobile robot base with safety fence
  • Assembly of the double gripper including blow-off unit
  • Wiring of the interface to the machine with our robot operating unit Control
  • Wiring of the operating console and the interlocking of the safety fence with Control

Programming, documentation and CE approval

  • Pre-setup of the software
    Easily modifiable program template for machine tending application
  • Pre-configuration of axis restrictions for operational safety
  • CE approval before delivery
fruitcore-robotics Industrieroboter HORST Kontakt

And how can we support you?

Are you interested in more details about our exclusive kit services? We will be happy to advise you individually on the respective services.